We The People Handmade Leather Business Card Holder


What do you want out of a business card holder? Just to carry your cards in your pocket? Something to keep your cards safe since you just paid a premium price for them? Or do you want a business card holder that sets you apart? One that will talk to a potential customer, without ever uttering a since word.
What you put your business cards in is just as important as the attire that you wear and the resume that is in your hand. It tells people that you are serious about what you do. Are you serious about what you do?

This is a card holder for the truly patriotic and comes with the antiqued snap. A great way to show that you support America and all that we hold true.

Featured photo is Brown.


- The case is wet formed. This makes the case rigid and will ensure that it will keep it’s shape for the rest of it’s life. It fits approximately 20 standard size business cards comfortably. (3.5"x2")
- The stain is a quality professional stain to ensure even, total coverage.
- A clear coat is applied over the stain to give a sheen and to protect the leather from the elements including water, dirt, pocket lint, sand, and so on. The coating will also keep the leather from developing a dark patina and changing the color of the leather.
- Hand stitched with a process called saddle stitching. This process ensures that if there was ever a stitch that broke, it would not unravel like a sewing machine stitch would.
- Edges are hand burnished to a slick, smooth edge. Then a dressing is applied to the edges to keep them smooth for years to come.
- A quality, medium duty, line 20 antiqued color snap is used to keep the case closed when not in use.
- Works great as a wallet for your credit cards as well.


  • Black
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Natural
  • Marbled
  • Blue
  • Red